Order To Then Use It To Target Your Audience

People and companies pay to get subscribers? The answer is actually quite simple: it’s within anyone’s reach and the process couldn’t be more banal, and it may seem easier than a long-term Community Manager and Social advertising job. -term. We pay 10€, we get 100 subscribers and it stops there. In addition, the search for notoriety and popularity is increasingly strong, to face competition from the sector by gaining (so-called) credibility. The method is easy, (more or less) legal, and the sites selling these services guarantee real subscribers, real people who will like your Facebook Page or follow you on Twitter. For the less informed, the solution seems tempting. And yet, the legitimacy of this technique is just as questionable as it is ineffective.

Buying fake subscribers risks

Here are our Top 3 reasons why you should NOT resort to buying followers The purpose of a business page is to work on its image, to make people talk about it to make itself known, to engage its community and above all, to generate new customers. And tising world Jordan Phone Number List today reflects a growing doing the opposite for you ! No contacts, traffic, engagement, sales: in short, no concrete results. Little to no engagement from your new “followers” Unlike the acquisition of subscribers through a well-thought-out Community Management work, the purchase of fans is not based on any targeting criteria: as a result, the publications have no chance of interesting your new “fans”. », and even less to hire them.

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Unqualified base Because of their indifference

Not only will they find no resonance with them, but because of their dubious provenance – perhaps you won’t even speak the same language – you also risk seeing them disappear little by little or altogether overnight. . Many of these accounts are also inactive, and social networks are increasingly waging war on fake accounts and other bots. Dummy subscribers =  to what you publish, these subscribers – and again, if they are active! – constitute only a displayed figure, it is therefore impossible to then transform them into qualified prospects, whereas the interest of social networks for brands is to generate engagement and profit.

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