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Engag in their work and less likely to voice their suggestions. So your Mood not only affects your status as a leader. It also affects the individuals you are responsible for leading. With that in mind, maybe leave the cocaine jokes to Elon Musk. June 30 is the deadline for businesses to be fiscaliz. But, when there is still one day left before. The closing of the process, according to the data of the Directorate of Taxes. Of small businesses, about 9 thousand subjects have not been tax.

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The data belong to the Antarctica Email List period from January 1, 2021 when the process start until June 27 of this year, where in the last business-consumer phase the number of small businesses that should be tax was about 90 thousand entities.In total, about 120 million businesses throughout the country have the obligation to be fiscaliz. After this deadline, small business taxpayers who are not subject to Value Add Tax and have not yet been tax will be fin 25,000 lek according to the law for this category.

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June 30 was left Phone Number MX as a penalty-free deadline for small businesses, banks and the Electricity Distribution Operator to be fiscaliz like other entities, as it will also mark the end of the transition phase of fiscalization. Read also Confindustria: To stop mandatory fiscalization until the security of sensitive data is guaranteMeanwhile, other businesses, including large entities for which according to Taxes the process has been completely complet, entities that have relations with the state or even entities that have been tax for more than a year must renew the electronic certificate at the ANA, the annual cost of which is 4 thousand ALL. according toAlthough the process seems incomplete as 10% of small entities still remain outside of it by not respecting the.

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