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Be note that the comm which are almost identical for. All channels, namely, traffic, number of prospects or revenue generate. As soon as a profile, especially in B2B, has to agree to work on performance. The role of the community manager and to couple them in order to have results on which the next actions will be base. We then see that the skills to be acquire for the community manager go clearly towards performance, analysis and conversions, but without encroaching on the work of the salesperson. 6. Field community management Learn to go out into the field in order to meet your community and establish real contact.

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An axis that allows you to put a name to a face, to Panama Phone Number List create a stronger commitment and to work on collaborative projects by involving your community. The community manager in the field, as I call him, will have to be a source of proposals to work on this axis within his company. Creating events, professional breakfasts and round tables internally, will create this intra-community link so that Internet users, customers, etc. can get to know each other. The human must be put back at the center of the community manager’s work , to better engage and more solidly while allowing the community to be kept active. His retention will only be better! This last subject (community management in the field) will be develope more fully in a future article.

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Here are the different skills that the community manager Phone Number MX will have to work on and improve by 2021 and beyond!n community management , it is not uncommon to see some community managers who work mainly on customer relations. They are generally active on Twitter, a social network that makes it possible to effectively manage customer relations thanks to private messaging in particular. Community management and customer relations Community management is perfectly suitd for customer relationship.

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