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Longer lifespan is therefore also a question of the social network. The social networks that matter in 2016 Here is an infographic. That lists the main social networks and some useful data for any community manager. Image Source Infographic by Bridge communication. A video shared on YouTube can quickly disappear in a conversation thread. The same video share within a YouTube. Channel will normally be perfectly tagged to allow it to be found quickly. In addition, it can be share within a channel to which it will be possible to subscribe. It is the faculty to be able to classify its contents. Which will offer them a fast access and a longer lifespan.

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To understand some parameters on social Kuwait Mobile Number List networks, read or reread: Pinterest has a particularity often raise by its users, the lifespan of the content hostd there. Pinterest is a very interesting social platform from this point of view for the community manager. Although there are content curation solutions, Pinterest will not set a limit to the creation of boards (tables) within which we can easily and simply classify its content (texts, videos, visuals, multimedia, etc.) By sharing specializd boards on infographics for example, it is the guarantee of quick access to information according to the classification method chosen by the user. If you decide to share your content yourself, nothing will prevent you from creating your own categories by storing them in tables.

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Then you will insert what you want to access it Phone Number MX more easily. So if the content is well classifie and commentd on thanks to enrichd pins, it will be very easy to find it and then share your boards with your community. It’s up to you to find the right themes! Nothing prevents you, for example, from diverting the use of Pinterest to create user reviews on products / services. Reviews are precisely content that needs to have a long lifespan and quick access. We can share Top 10 lists of the best burgers in Paris for.

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