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Just because you don’t have an online sales site doesn’t mean you can’t surf seasonal trends. Quite the contrary. You can play events and parties with just about anything. You just have to organize a calendar of upcoming events, and plan accordingly strategies adapted to your sector that will allow you too to reap the benefits of the momentary. Take for example the example of Spotify, which recently wanted to play on the nostalgia that can win us over as the end of the year approaches, with a simple but effective digital campaign Flashback 2016  which is accompanied by a humorous poster campaign , engaged its consumers by communicating their listening habits and the most listened to titles of 2016.

Creating a connection and interaction

The idea to grasp is that to succeed in your seasonal marketing campaign, you have to adopt a vision beyond the sales aspect, but rather to relate to visions that are in line with those of the consumer when the time comes: many brands can thus come up If such Malaysia Phone Number List violence against a with concepts and ideas that will make them agree with their consumers, between the two.  of the moment to reach your customers Advertisers’ spending on communication in France amounts to tens of billions of euros, so it goes without saying that the success of a campaign in the (very) busy advertising space in France lies in the ability to reach the right audience at the right time.

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Seasonal marketing: seize the opportunity

A difficult task insofar as it is not easy to predict either the platform or the very opportune moment. This is where marketing according to the seasons makes the Phone Number MX task easier: determining the perfect timing is greatly facilitated and it is necessary to follow a few tips to optimize it: Launch your campaigns well in advance of the date of the event: the best way to reach a maximum audience is to get ahead of your competitors and be the first to communicate about the occasion.

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