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In addition to having video chat in its chat thanks to bots, talkSpirit has the advantage of also being open to the outside world. Partners and customers can, in fact, be invite to the groups. Finally, talkSpirit has develope a mobile application, talkSpirit Messenger, to complete its offer and allow its users to communicate anywhere at any time. 6 Microsoft Teams, Slack’s new rival interface-collaboration-tools-microsoft-teams Teams is the latest from Microsoft. Release in November 2016, this tool is integrate with Office 365, so you must be a subscriber to use it. At first glance, Microsoft Teams looks a lot like Slack, both in terms of interface and functionality. Like many of its competitors, the tool has messaging functions, group and channel creation, customization.

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It also integrates connectors and bots. But its advantage lies in video calls via Skype and the integration of other Microsoft-specific tools, such as its Office office suite. So you can manage your projects and teams via Planner, share, view and edit Word, Excel documents, etc. External applications can also be adde (Asana, Hootsuite, Zendesk, etc.). Tools-office-microsoft-teams-share-edit-comment-document As for the messaging part, it is intende to be news and Bahamas Phone Number List consumer programs yes, fun like Slack. You can send emojis, GIFs, stickers or even memes. chat-emoji-stickers-memes-gif-microsoft-teams Yammer, the tool now integrated into Office 365 Interface-yammer-office-365-collaboration-tools Another solution developed by Microsoft for its Office products is Yammer , a tool that dates back to 2008. It allows you to communicate and collaborate around common , user profiles and a Discovery flow.

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An improved search engine makes it easy t, collaborators, etc. yammer-search-engine-collaboration-tools Just like Microsoft Teams, the Office 365 suite is included and allows you to create and share documents. Conclusion This list of collaboration tools is not exhaustive, there are many others (Beezy, Sitrion, Glip, Social Cast, etc.). Most platforms today have integrated a social dimension, including historical players (Jalios, Microsoft, IBM Connections, eXoPlatform). Generalist tools develop cross functionalities to diversify and meet new needs., Knowledge Plaza is, for example, more focused on knowledge management. Others are customizable and configurable, which allows them to best adapt to each company (blueKiwi, Jive, Jamespot). Finally, most of the new tools align with the productivity segment.

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