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The sooner you can take influences from the people you are doing it for, the better.

  1. Provide accessibility. By making your content accessible to them, you increase the effective reach of your content.
  2. Choose your words carefully. There are many words that have become obsolete in recent years and are no longer acceptable. Avoid sloppy mistakes by using tools like this phrasebook frnc.
  3. Avoid stereotyping. It seems obvious these days, but it really happens too often.


4. Appeal to a diverse target group? Cross-media content is key!

A target group with a difference in age and media behavior is not high on the wish list of most communication professionals. The wider the target group, the more difficult it is often to determine an effective meof NTR share how they successfully reach a varied target group with a cross-media strategy with the campaign of the ratings hit ‘The Story of the Netherlands’. The goal: to enthuse the Dutch public about the history of our country.

The story of the Netherlands started with the TV series in which storytelling and content are central. That remains the starting point for the other channels and resources that NTR deploys. They do this by looking at which channels and which type of content are effective for each target group.

they created teaching materials for high school students,

  • they made podwalks for the whole family,
  • they recorded an in-depth podcast series for history lovers, and

This 360° approach has worked for the series: prior to the start of The Story of the Netherlands, a 0 measurement was carried out among the target group and it turns out: after the campaigns and realization of the series, the goal has been achieved. The interest in History has increased and we visit museums more often.

The big lesson from this session is that a broad target group does not have to be a problem if you really know the target Software Managers Email List group. If you are dealing with a broad target group: know which people you can reach through which channels and with what type of content. This allows you to successfully convey the same message to a widely varying target group.

5. Collect valuable customer information

And that’s handy. Creating content that meets your customer’s needs is a lot easier if you know what those needs are.

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Vattenfall is a frontrunner in the conversational revolution.  the mountain of experiences they have gained over the past 4 years and how Nina provides them with a lot of information about the needs of the customer. Below are the 7 lessons Vattenfall learned thanks to Nina:

  1. Come to the point.

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