Many Users Leave the Cart Halfway If They See Unexpected

For the shipment of their order, close the page and look for an alternative in your competition. I guess that’s not what you want, right? 3. Let it be known that it is Christmas! Christmas web design Capture taken from the Media Markt website Giving a Christmas touch to your ecommerce design can help you improve conversions. And no, I am not just referring to using the colors or graphic elements of these dates. Creating new categories or sections on your website can make life much easier for your customers and you also benefit,

Creating a New Category

In your online store, such as “For the little ones”, “For her” or “For the family” will allow your customers to go to a fixed shot with their purchases. They will save time and you improve Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number conversions and your sales. If you don’t have that much time or your website is focused on very specific products or services, as we mentioned at the beginning, you can opt for colors or graphic elements related to Christmas. Here are some examples: Add a Santa Claus hat to your brand logo or, if you don’t want to be so daring, to the shopping cart.

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Design a Specific Banner for the Days

Create a special packaging for shipments of your products. 4. The mobile, fundamental. Did you know that 58.5% of Spaniards already use the smartphone to make our purchases online? It is clear that the mobile has become essential in our lives and, if you have. An online business, you have to always keep it in mind. The adaptability that you offer to your customers when they connect to these devices is a key factor in offering a good user experience and increasing your chances of conversion. Does your website not have a mobile-friendly design?

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