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They are very easy to set up and generate quality leads base on your budget. You define it beforehand and only pay at cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM). Sponsore InMail Sponsore or advertising emails are sent directly to the inboxes of targetd users. This format, which is much more personal and persuasive, has many advantages: There is no character limit , so you can take care of your advertising message. Use hypertext links , a customizable call-to-action button (“Contact”; “Download”, “Try”, etc.) and banner advertising to be impactful . Increase the conversion rate. Personalize your message by mentioning, for example, the name of the user to touch him more. InMails are “ responsive ”: your content adapts to each medium.

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Increase email open rate with real -time ad delivery. Your InMails will only be delivere when users are logge into LinkedIn. Moreover, they cannot be blocke as spam. Users can only receive one InMail every 60 days, which further increases the and Ivory Coast Phone Number List independently: through theof being opend. Increase user engagement with a share button or Company Page Widgets placed in InMail.  inMailDynamic ads Dynamic ads are banners that deliver a personalize message to a specific target. The user sees his name mentione, a short text and a call-to-action. Display Ads Display Ads are part of the advertising program broadcast on the site or in their Display network (LinkedIn, SlideShare, LinkedIn Publisher Network Advertising exchange.

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These advertisements increase the visibility and awareness of your business around the world. They appear on the right (paved format, skyscrapper), at the top (textlink) or at the bottom (leaderboard) of the page. As with dynamic ads, you must contact LinkedIn to launch your campaign. Display Ads LinkedIn Ads How to generate qualified leads with Phone Number MX LinkedIn Ads? Use targeting options As explained earlier, LinkedIn Ads offers many targeting options. Your target will not be qualified if you have not optimized the targeting options beforehand. you want to reach. To do this, analyze the statistics you have and use the LinkedIn database. Identify the influencers and people with the most decision-making power in the activities that interest you.

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