Learn data analysis Albania WhatsApp Number List well, starting from mastering the KSA model

Many students will think: I want to study data Albania WhatsApp Number List analysis well, do a good job/find a good job this year. How to learn to learn well? It is recommended to use the KSA method here to clarify the goals and decompose the tasks. What? You said you haven’t heard it before? Today we will explain the system.


What is KSA at work?

To give a simple example, when you start to use KSA to Albania WhatsApp Number List dismantle work, you will understand many problems in seconds, such as:

Why do people always complain that liberal arts are useless in university, but science is easy to use? Because it is essentially the difference between KSA in education and work (as shown below):

 What is KSA

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KSA is a concept in the field of HR, which originally referred to the three dimensions of evaluating people’s abilities.

To give a simple example, Coco, a 4-year-old child in Mr. Chen’s family, is learning arithmetic:

Dad asked: 1+1 equals how much? coco answer: 2! This is knowledge.

Going to buy vegetables, coco took 1 radish. Dad said: we want 2, and coco took 1. This is a skill.

Visiting relatives and friends, in front of everyone, my father asked: coco, what is 1+1 equal to? Coco suddenly flashed big eyes and said loudly: 2! Attracting everyone’s approval, this is the ability!

simply put:

Knowledge can be recited and has objective evaluation criteria. If it is natural science knowledge, it is likely to have the only correct answer. Social science knowledge may not necessarily have the only answer, but there are conventional understandings and explanations within a certain range.

Skills require operation, practice, and repeated training to master. Skills are based on knowledge and need tools. Different tools require different skills, and the more powerful the tool, the better the effect. For example, coco children, who have already learned various addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems, turned their heads and asked siri, and coco said they had a good experience.


Ability requires knowledge and understanding! Interestingly, when faced with practical problems, understanding, communication, empathy, coordination, often more directly than knowledge and skills! For example, asking children questions on the face of relatives, the fundamental purpose is to show off, to raise their faces, and children who can actively cooperate at this time are good children.

This set of theories was originally a method for HR to evaluate the qualifications of employees. But once I got the hang of it, I found it to be very useful at work! Because at work, being able to distinguish which KSA is needed to solve the problem can greatly improve work efficiency and promote work quality.

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