Larry Page Invests in Ukraine Phone Number in Exchange for Residency

By now you’ve likely heard Ukraine Phone Number that Larry Page, Google co-founder and one of the world’s richest businessmen, has had his application for New Zealand residency under a category for wealthy investors approved.

Both of them were in Fiji previous to entering New Zealand for medical attention. The news hasn’t really made clear why this incident is related to his application for residence, which he made in November 2020. Essentially, his application was on pause because he was not in the country. They have both since left the country again, and are not currently in New Zealand.

Ukraine Phone Number

Criticisims of the immigration process

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What did he invest, and what does it mean for us?

While it’s frustrating that Page seems to have ‘skipped the queue’ and it is important for us to talk about whether or not we are comfortable with that being part of the system, it’s worth keeping in mind that the investor category Page applied for has a NZ$10M price tag.

An investment of 10 million dollars in the country is significant, and most people would agree that having these options in place is beneficial for the country.  What impact does it have on our culture to allow investors to use New Zealand as a contingency plan? There’s no real right answer to questions like this, but it pays to have the conversation.

It’s also worth noting that the money isn’t the only investment that Page will make in our country. When world-leading businesspeople decide to put down roots here, they’re also liable to bring work with them, and this has other beneficial knock-on effects, such as creating jobs.

With the renewed concern around climate change sparked by the recent IPCC report, it’s clear that every country on earth will need to adapt in radical ways, and New Zealand is no exception.

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