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If in the past the size of your community was a real asset for your brand, this is no longer the case today. The platforms have artificially filtered the content broadcast to your audience, to make visible ONLY the most shared, the most popular productions. And this has several consequences… First, a reinforcement of your habits. By only showing you content that may be of interest to you, social platforms limit your chances of confronting you with different points of view. We then speak of “Filter Bubble”. Second, by implementing these filters, social networks demonetize the value of a community. By encouraging brands to pay to communicate, they will have to target their audience very precisely.

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Address a specific message to a specific audience Argentina Phone Number List to hopefully generate a return on investment. So, in my opinion, these social feed networks are gradually turning into advertising platforms. No more no less. De facto, if you want to engage or build a community through these streaming networks, you are probably on the wrong track. On the other hand, the implementation of advertising strategies on which it is possible to measure the return on investment remains relevant. As for stock social networks, I told you, the research dimension is essential. You must therefore bet and take care of the referencing of your productions. Because in addition to their intrinsic quality, their emphasis and their ease of access are much more sustainable assets. A video explaining in detail the decline in reach, for example.

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Will be able to be consulted over time and generate Phone Number MX interest for many months, or even several years. Thus, by working well on SEO and producing content that responds to the issues of your audience, you will build yourself a lasting asset. But beware, whatever their type, social networks and more broadly GAFAM platforms are not in your home. You are therefore constantly at risk of being fired or of seeing your visibility diminish. Thus, always put in place assets that belong only to you. Website emails.

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