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The Apple Watch dominates the market, although Samsung and other manufacturers are also present. The big watchmaking houses have also joined in, such as Frédérique Constant, Montblanc, Bulgari and Tag Heuer,  and elegance. Bulgari Frederique Constant Montblanc A Bluetooth speaker Boombox-ancestor-speaker-bluetooth While we mainly listen to music with headphones via a smartphone, walkman or computer, Bluetooth speakers represent a good compromise for listening to music without headphones and without being cluttered. Portable and compact, they fit easily anywhere, in a living room, a bathroom, a garden, on the beach, etc. Their small size, even mini size, and their design partly explain this current craze for Bluetooth speakers. . Connected to a smartphone, tablet or PC, the speakers are an original and useful connected gift. Your customers will appreciate it.

Which offer luxury models combining technology

A drone The recreational drone market is booming. So why not offer one to your customers. The craze for these flying objects has developed the offer and lowered prices. You can find, for example, miniature drones at low prices. Gifts-connected-drone digital Netherlands Phone Number List content But there are also recreational drones worthy of those used by professionals. The drone is certainly of this Christmas 2016. You will therefore have a small effect by offering this present to your customers. A tip, prefer drones with onboard camera. Exit the selfie sticks, make way for drones to make “dronies”. Dronie-drone-connected-gifts A virtual reality headset: Google-Cardboard-VR-Virtual-Reality-connected-gifts Another big trend for 2016 is virtual reality headsets.

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The most trendy connected gift

The price of true immersive headsets remains a barrier to purchase for the moment, but there are alternatives, less immersive but more affordable. It is a viewer combined with a mobile to watch 3D or 360° videos. The cheapest is the Google Cardboard (20€), Samsung has also launched its virtual reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR (100€). Google recently released a Phone Number MX new model, the Daydream View, priced at $79 and available in some English-speaking countries. Google-Daydream-View-VR-Virtual-Reality-connected-gifts To have a real VR headset not linked to a smartphone, you will have to pay more, around 400€ for the Playstation VR, 700€ for the Oculus Rift and 900€ for the HTC Vive.

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