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It has just exceeded 4 million daily active users worldwide (5.8 million active users per week). In addition to offering a free basic version, the interest of this platform lies in its messaging tool. It offers the possibility of communicating, sharing information and documents via “channels” (thematic conversations), private groups or by direct message. Its success is due to its ease of use and the fact of consolidating conversations and files in a single place. This tool, which aims to be as simple as possible, is particularly suitable for start-ups or small teams. More and more competitors Even if Slack is a major player in this field, we are witnessing more and more a growth of competition , and what is more, strong opponents.

Platform interface Many other platforms

Microsoft which already owns Yammer and had considered buying Slack, has just announced the imminent release of Microsoft Teams (formerly known as Skype Teams). It is a collaborative platform that revolves around a news feed. It integrates bots and many third-party features and applications, such as Office 365, OneDrive for file storage and street Oman Phone Number List corner. Real situations exchange, Skype for video conferencing or Planner for task management. Slack collaborative will emerge, such as Hive or Line, to try to compete with Slack. As for Facebook’s Workplace, it could significantly overshadow it thanks to its notoriety and ease of use. Slack has just retaliated by announcing a technology partnership with IBM to integrate artificial intelligence into its conversational agents.

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The main advantage of Workplace

War is declared ! Is Workplace a real competitor? Let’s say Workplace doesn’t play in the same league as Slack or Microsoft Teams. The difficulty of these collaborative tools is to succeed in being adopted and used in business. It basically depends on the corporate culture. is to be easy to use and already mastered by the greatest number, unlike other tools that require Phone Number MX time to adapt. But ultimately, Workplace does not position itself on the same offer. It is more of an internal communication tool than a collaboration or project management tool. In addition, unlike Slack or Microsoft Teams, Workplace does not integrate connectors with third-party applications, in particular it does not have an office suite.

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