Is It Time to Rebrand Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List Your Business? Watch for These 3 Red Flags

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Question of the day: Is it time to rebrand your business?

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I just blew up the brand I’ve been building since 2010.

BIG Brand System is gone. For good.

In the midst of the rubble and the dust, one person stands alone, looking wary and a little afraid.

It’s me.

My new brand is “”

Why would I switch to a Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List personal brand after all of these years as a business brand?

And how does anyone know when it’s time to change their brand?

Let’s look at three red flags and where to start when rebranding your business.

1. Your brand is attracting the wrong people

Businesses change over time.

Your audience may change, your offers may change, the way you deliver them may change. It’s important that your brand reflects the online business ideas you’re working on today.

TIP: If your brand doesn’t speak to what you do now, it’s time for a change!

This is exactly why I changed my brand, by the way. I started out helping people build their brands, so I called my business BIG Brand System, and used the tagline: Your business may be small, but your brand can be big.

Now, I coach people to build profitable online businesses.

Branding is just a small piece of the work Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List we do together.

Since I started my business, I’ve written three books, built a dozen courses, become a keynote speaker, and have taught thousands of online business owners.

The one common thread between all of these things? Me. That’s why I decided to rebrand under my own name.

If your brand doesn’t say what YOUR business does, start fresh. Who do you help and how can you describe that?

2. Your brand is outdated and irrelevant

Brands don’t have an expiration date!

But if it has been a while since you really looked at your brand, it might be time to take a second look.

Maybe you don’t need a full rebrand — maybe you just need a new tagline that reflects what your business offers today, perhaps after you’ve learned how to create digital products.

TIP: If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a look at your brand, ask friends and colleagues to look at it and explain in their own words what THEY think your brand is all about.

If it’s saying what you want it to say, excellent.

But if it’s communicating something else entirely, that’s a red flag that means it’s time to rebrand your business.

3. Your business has moved beyond your original brand

You know how you don’t like to have people over when your home is messy?

It’s the same thing when your brand is messy … You don’t feel like sharing it because it’s not a positive reflection of you and what you do.

Your brand and business blogging should make you feel like you want to stand up straighter and share it loud and proud. You should feel excited to share it!

TIP: Do a quick gut check. Does sharing your brand not feel great right now? If so, that’s another red flag you should pay attention to!

If it’s time to rebrand, here’s what you should do next.

Redefine your brand personality and ideal customer

Has your brand personality changed?

Let’s find out! Discover your brand personality in less than five minutes.

Once you have an idea of how you want to show up with your new brand, take some time to redefine your ideal customer.

Did you start out serving a specific kind of customer and then become interested in serving a different group?

Maybe your new ideal customer has more money to spend, or more interesting problems to solve.

No matter WHY they’re different, it’s worthwhile to spend some time defining them.

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