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Photos with stock photo content. visual communication 3. Go mobile in terms of visuals Trends in advertising visuals depend a lot on technical innovations. For example, the first image banks offere customers images that fit perfectly into: A magazine, A brochure, A banner on the Internet. They were designd to be viewe with a desktop computer. In 2020, traditional computers still dominate traffic consumption, but their share is decreasing every year. In 2019, almost 56% of internet traffic came from desktop PC users and over 40% of all content was consume using smartphones and tablets. This year, the percentage of information consumption via mobile devices continues to grow. This means that vertical photos, videos and vertical interactive objects will increase your conversion rate.

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This is much more convenient for mobile users. The Armenia Phone Number List layout of your websites and newsletters can be responsive, but the basic version should be designe for smartphones. And if Facebook is your primary channel, here’s another argument for vertical visuals. In April 2020, of Facebook users only use mobile devices to browse the social network. Also keep in mind that smartphone users have a higher spee of information consumption and are less attentive. Your mobile-friendly visuals should be “stoppers” (to entice users to study them). They should also clearly communicate your idea or offer, from the first glance or the first seconds (if it’s a video). Reach audiences better with stock images: Choose memorable visuals and use a consistent color palette throughout your communication. Do it on your different platforms visual communication 4. Make your content dynamic From year to year, the visual content becomes more dynamic.

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From the static advertising portraits of the early Phone Number MX 20th century, advertising move on to dynamic genre scenes and storytelling. With the advent of television, brands have started using video ads, which not all can afford. Fortunately, today you can create a video sequence in minutes. In 2020, users spend more than 450 minutes in contact with online media, throughout the day. They consume a social media post every three seconds. Brands only have seconds to send their message to a potential customer. Images can cope with this task faster than text, and moving images are more effective than static images. The video automatically creates an intuitively.

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