Introducing Digital Commerce Canada Phone Number Partners: Our Content Marketing and SEO Agency

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Just because I’m no longer CEO doesn’t mean you won’t hear from me. Now that I don’t have “grownup” responsibilities around here, you may even hear from me more.

So I mentioned the new project from Canada Phone Number Copyblogger that I’ll be focusing my attention on in my resignation post. But I thought you might want a few more details.

Introducing Digital Commerce Partners: our content marketing services and SEO agency.

Digital Commerce Partners helps digital businesses take it to the next level. If you have an online course, virtual community, SaaS, or other digital product-based business, we can help you grow.

As your prospect-pipeline partners, the return on investment will be clear. Your existing offers will be more profitable, and you can focus on developing new products and growing your brand.

Cool stuff, right? But perhaps you’d like some proof. That’s smart, and we started helping clients well before we went public so we could give that to you.

The only marketing you’ll see from DCP will be about the results our clients have experienced. And that’s some of what I’d like to share with you today.

How CMA Exam Academy Skyrocketed Course Sales by 125% in a Single Year


Nathan Liao is an accountant by trade, with a focus in Certified Management Accounting. In 2014, Nathan created CMA Exam Academy as a comprehensive prep course to help people pass the CMA exam.

The challenge was to scale up CMA Exam Academy’s content marketing and SEO strategy through an outsourced solution, transforming it into the critical area of focusThat’s when Nathan brought in DCP.

Read the full case study.

How We Helped IA Path Get a 207% Increase in Traffic and 10X Their Leads


Chris Stanley has 12 years of experience as an auto damage appraiser and independent adjuster. In 2016, Chris founded IA Path as a training and mentorship program, offering online and live programs to guide people through the process of becoming successful independent adjusters.

As a solopreneur, Chris already Canada Phone Number had a grasp over all areas of his business, including content creation, marketing, and sales. His promotion strategies yielded him results, but they were time-consuming and labor-intensive.

DCP stepped in and got to work on a custom SEO and content strategy for IA Path, so Chris could step back from the everyday hustle and focus on other core areas of his business.

Read the full case study.

Follow Along with the Optimization of Unemployable


I’m not just Director and Chief Evangelist for DCP, I’m also a client. We’re working on bringing more of my ideal prospect over to Unemployable, which is a training community for freelancers and solopreneurs.

In other words, I get to deliver my own case study to you. Over the next few months, I’ll take you inside the process and share the results.

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