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As soon as I decided I started making the suppor. Create the visual I had noticed that the various successful visuals. Were very simple and often made with the means at hand. So I decided to put two sheets of paper together. Write my text in marker (not too big to encourage people to click on the post) and take. The picture with my computer’s webcam. Publish content Once the photo was taken, all that remained was to publish it on my Linkedin profile. In order to maintain a form of honesty during this experience, I indicated to Internet users that this publication was intended to prove that Linkedin was viral. Thursday, November 17, 5:45 p.m., the device was in place, it was time to publish. lk-post me A disappointing first weekend.

My colleagues who helped me in setting

The first results were not the most promising. After a day of visibility (Friday) only 42 likes and 4 comments. A little disappointed – even if grateful to my close acquaintances who played the game -, I even split a message to one of  up engagement Tunisia Phone Number List Remarketing for the device, “we will never reach 1000 ”. As the end of the weekend approached, the meters were still low. By Sunday afternoon, there were 228 likes and 6 comments on the post. It was not very confident and almost disappointed that I resigned myself to failure. The sudden surge Monday morning, new week.

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Denigration rubbed shoulders in the many comments

To my surprise I discovered in the middle of the morning more than 800 likes. It was at the beginning of the afternoon that the challenge reached – and exceeded – its objective: 1,225 likes and 38 comments. I then discovered the different reactions of the people affected by this test: support, analysis, humour, misunderstanding and evenleft. lk-reactions But by Phone Number MX the way, how does Linkedin work? To understand the magnitude of the phenomenon, you need to understand the basics of visibility on Linkedin. When you post to your feed, only people in your connections will be affected. When one of these people “likes” your publication, a message indicating “So and so liked the publication” accompanied by the said publication then appears among the connections of this person.

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