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Unity manager is different from a customer service manager. He is more in charge of customer support. He is the representative of a company. He should therefore be the best person to lead prospects in discovering the company. It is also a player that actively participates in customer loyalty. Creating conversations directly or indirectly. While generating interest in its products and  or services. Will be more tasks to develop for a community manager. In addition, he must be able to answer. questions from his audience. Whether it is relate to the subject raise or relate to the brand itself.

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A good community manager knows what Pakistan Phone Number List type of message is suitable for which network. The only way to find out is to know the mode of reasoning of Internet users. Which leads you to find out what interests them in each situation. It will then be easier to offer them exactly what they expect from you. And to achieve this, the analysis of data and results must be among the new resources to consider for the community manager. This is why a new type of CM is raise; the analyst community manager . Each social network uses its own indicators. This can be the number of likes and comments, the number of shares or the number of views.

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In addition, there are the main Google Analytics indicators Phone Number MX to monitor its performance between social networks and its website. It is essential to know what the actions of a CM have made it possible to gain in terms of visibility. Of course, you will have to master the rates (engagement, retention), social media performance and know how to correctly interpret the results. To do this, it will be a question of integrating the ROA, the RO.E. and ROI by placing them in context. You can also add commercial indicators,It’s more of a skill than just a quality that you nee to have. It should.

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