Index Now What it is and how it benefits you !

One of the most important aspects of SEO is ensuring your content is crawled and indexed by search engines. In fact, without your content in the index, your website won’t be able to generate traffic from search at all. But indexing isn’t always a fast process. There are a lot of factors affecting how fast search engines index your website. What if there’s a way to get your content indexed faster? Well, that’s where IndexNow comes in.

The importance of indexing for SEO

Before people can search for your content, search South Korea Mobile Number engines must crawl and index your web pages. After your content is in the index, then the ranking process begins.

Search engines start by sending out crawlers to follow hyperlinks to discover new content and update old content. After crawlers discover a page, they report to the search engines what they find and index it.  While indexing, search engines read and analyze the content, media, tags, and more on that page. Search engines store all this information in a vast database known as the ‘index.’

Why we need Index Now

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In today’s competitive online space, indexing your content is crucial for securing a high ranking in search engines. The faster your content is indexed, the faster it is ranked, and the more likely it will appear correctly in the  SERPs. Of course, you need outstanding content to rank, but that’s another story.

But here lies the problem: you can’t control how fast search engines index your website. It may take a few days or weeks before a search engine crawls and indexes your new page. This all depends on many factors like the size of your website, its authority, how complex it is, etc.

Imagine that you own an online store selling clothes, and you have some new arrivals for the upcoming season. You update your store with the latest products, but it’s not until two weeks later that you see the changes on search engines. Meanwhile, you may have lost traffic and potential sales to your competitors. Nobody likes it when this happens.

So to streamline this process and increase the speed of indexing, Microsoft and Yandex came together and created a new protocol called IndexNow.

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