In the face of needs, you need to Bolivia WhatsApp Number List find the right person, do the right thing, and handle the relationship well

The identification and sorting of requirements Bolivia WhatsApp Number List should follow. The four principles of “maintaining alignment with business strategies. Business process refactoring, and business continuity”. And finally, these identifie requirements should be prioritize and implemente.

These work and process overviews can be summe up as finding the right person. Doing the right thing, and handling the relationship well. This article continues to talk about personal thoughts on this part.

Find the right person

Whether it is the internal demand of the enterprise or the external demand of the enterprise. Whether it is the demand of ToB or the demand of. ToC, whether it is a small demand or a large project. They all serve the “user” and solve the “user” problem; therefore. We usually The most important thing is

However, the success of a requirement or project nees to Bolivia WhatsApp Number List consider. Many factors. From the perspective of “people”. It is not only the group of end users, it should include all stakeholders, that is, stakeholders.

There are many sources of demand, sometimes it is a word from the boss, sometimes it is propose by business personnel, sometimes it is propose by the docking business, and sometimes it is generate by the upgrade of the external docking system…

Therefore, it is very important to find the right stakeholders. They are the key participants of the requirement or project, and these participants will have varying degrees of influence on the execution result of the requirement in the subsequent stages.

The first task of identifying stakeholders is to determine who are the main stakeholders of the requirement or project, which can usually be divide into five categories, namely functional stakeholders, end users, project teams, operations and maintenance personnel, and external stakeholders (see diagram below).

 Functional stakeholders

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When face with a requirement or project, it is very important to identify the functional stakeholders, and it is even more important to find the person who can “make a decision” on the requirement.

B-end users or C-end users are a large group of users, and they invest a lot in their analysis and mining enterprises; they are usually understood as the final people who directly use or operate the solutions realize through requirements or projects. They are the most direct Stakeholders are also the ultimate beneficiaries.

Different categories of end users may be involve in a demand or project. For example, for a store replenishment project, the end users involve store staff, store operations staff, warehousing staff and financial staff (combine with all aspects involve in the business process). to distinguish the operating user on).


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