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Relationship via Twitter will help to work on your image or your e-reputation online. It will therefore be necessary to think carefully before setting up this service. In the long term, this can become a real asset in your offer. The disadvantages of Twitter in the customer relationship. An advantage can also very quickly turn into a disadvantage, in particular the transparency of exchanges . Which can reveal the number of problems encountere by a company. It can hurt a company’s sales if one of its products or services has a lot of problems. The mobilization of several people or community managers to dedicate to customer relations.

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If you are a large company, your customers may Portugal Phone Number List nee to contact you regularly. If above all it is a question of problems to be solve, a single person will not compensate for a workload that is sometimes too stressful. Rotations are therefore essential in customer relations via social networks. The disadvantages of Twitter in customer relations The other disadvantage is the ability to manage and absorb stress , which means that the staff who will work on customer relations will have to have character, and not be too sensitive to adversity. As previously raise, many people can get carrie away on social networks, distance requires, and inappropriate words can come out.

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Reacting Quickly We Can Therefore Judge A Company

Certainly a charter will be to be expecte, principles Phone Number MX of good conduct to be respecte, but that will never be enough in certain cases. Conversely, a community manager should not get carrie away because it would be more detrimental to your image. When you say customer relations on Twitter , you mean constant monitoring, so you shouldn’t relax your proactivity too much and be available at all times. It is necessary all the same to relativize on this subject, because certain activities do not require a constant presence. In conclusion If Twitter seems to be the most suitable platform for customer.

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