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A lever on which to capitalize because. Google is also betting on the format of web stories on the Internet. Here it will therefore be necessary to know the tools, practice them. And take advantage of them for animate editing, slideshows, videos, etc. We will not forget the infographics. Which are visual elements that create a lot of virality on social networks. To create one, it is sometimes enough to rely on. Its community and to question it to extract usable data. Few think about it! 4. Position yourself and evolve on live animation. The production of live videos is a concept that has proven itself on social networks via Facebook Live. The Periscope application or Instagram Live.


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These are real opportunities to promote an Oman Phone Number List activity, a brand, a product or a service. Companies should get ever closer to their community through live-relatd innovations. We thus create proximity and we can bring live events to our community. Marketers are particularly aware of the importance of this lever on the results of their prospecting and sales. The community manager will promote them on social networks and marketing will reap the benefits. Almost 50% of professionals invest in this direction. This strategy hits its targets faster and easier. In question, live videos have a more advantageous location compare to other tools offere on social networks.

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The condition for breaking into this path is to be Phone Number MX able to hold the attention of your community, by offering them a rich experience in real time. From there it will be useful to make good use of the video and all that it generates; image quality, sound recording, framing, brightness, preparation of live performances, etc. There are many skills to be acquire on this single lever. Then how to properly exploit the videos extracte from these live to recycle them on social networks and its website. Video diting will therefore be important on this subject! 5. Communication and performance in community management Communication is the basis of a community manager’s job.

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