In 2021, is Taobao still an outlet?

These are based on my experience, a little refining and integration, and the focus is on the three axes: qualified supply, sufficient capital flow, and operational experience.

Their weights in e-commerce startups are as follows:

  • Qualified products, strong supply chain, weight: 40%-45%
  • Whole store trading experience (such as: starting from scratch to achieve 7 levels of the store), weight: 35%-40%
  • There is a minimum capital threshold necessary to obtain the project, preferably sufficient cash flow, weight: 10%-15%

Qualified products

Note that it is a qualified supply, not just a supply.

We know that in reality, most people enter Taobao without any foundation. They come and go with their longing for Taobao. Basically, they don’t know much about it. Chance.

Therefore, most of the people here finally choose the “one-piece drop shipping” form of supply. This is really good, and it is a perfect solution for Xiaobai. Don’t worry about the quality of the supply, inventory problems, and after-sales service. Problems, slow sales and overstocking… At the same time, the threshold of Taobao can be reached at a very low cost. It can be said that it is very friendly to novice Xiaobai.

But everything has two sides, and its shortcomings are also very fatal.

Because of the extremely low threshold for drop shipping and the unlimited investment model of Taobao platform, the homogenization is extremely Afghanistan Phone Number serious. This is the biggest problem facing Taobao now. What is the impact of homogenization?

Many people may not have the concept, so let me explain it to you.

If the demand for a market segment is 1,000, and then there are 100 products of the same type, when the buyer searches for keywords, the system triggers the search mechanism, mainly based on the weight of the keywords mapped by the data of each baby. Ranking, while personalization algorithms step in for distribution.

Taobao operation experience from zero to high level

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Many people can understand this, that is to say, they have solid operating experience, and this experience is not the kind of petty trouble.

It’s not through simple video teaching, but through practice, it’s a real skill.

The specific requirement is to start from scratch, to work a store from the first level to the seventh level, and to participate in it, each link has made a specific contribution.

You will find that in this one, many people do not have the conditions at all.

However, in reality, many people enter the market blindly with infinite longing for Taobao, eager to achieve operational breakthroughs through one week of Taobao training, which is unrealistic.

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