How to Improve the EAT Turkey Phone Number Score of Your Content

The “Expertise, Authority, and Trust” (E-A-T) algorithm is the basic criteria that Google uses to rank the quality of websites, ensuring that the most authoritative content is the first Turkey Phone Number to appear on a Google search result. They are the three primary metrics that Google uses to measure the SEO value of a website. This algorithm is important because it keeps the initial pages of a Google search free of unreliable content.

This means it’s important for your Turkey Phone Number website content to score highly in each of these metrics—you want Google to see you as an expert, trustworthy autority. In this blog post, we’re breaking down the best ways to acheive that. To find out more, read on.

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Have Well Written Content

The higher the quality of your content, the higher your EAT score. This is perhaps the most basic concept in search engine optimisation. Google site crawlers give greater page authority to content that is easy to read, factual, and which provides the most conclusive and insightful answer to any question that a user types into the Google search engine, which is why good copywriting is so important to SEO.

Make sure that any content on your site—be it a blog or landing page—adheres to the following standards:


Good Grammar and Proper Formatting

Good content is free of grammatical errors and has proper punctuation. Google prefers content that is readable, with a logical easy-to-read structure that consistently uses headings, subheadings, and bullet points as needed to organise the ideas it contains. When it comes to length, Google prefers longer content, but you need to balance this against what readers want, which is often shorter, more succint content!


Relevant and Factually Correct

Foreign on-site seo mostly follows the same rules as local seo. Here’s everything you should include in your guidelines: how to carry out competitor research how to structure the page/content how to use seo tools (such as the google docs extension. Surfer seo. Which allows writers to add relevant keywords into the piece they’re writing automatically) how to find relevant sources and outbound links what the cta should include how to use natural language processing (nlp) tools how to ensure that the content complies with local laws.

Citing sources in a blog by inserting outbound links to pages with high authority indicates that your site is trustworthy and improves its EAT score. Google loves links, especially strong backlinks, as they are a core marker for page authority. Basically, if you write content good enough, other people will link to it, and Google takes this as a vote of confidence.


Optimised for Images

Blogs with thumbnails and imagery are more user friendly, and so more likely to attract traffic. Thumbnails improve the EAT score of a blog by enhancing the readability of a blog, and encouraging linking. However, if you use copyrighted images without permission, it will negatively affect your page authority.

This is especially important for regulated niches. Such as cbd or other pharmaceutical products. Content creation high-quality content and link building (more on this later) are the two most important ranking signals for google. The search engine giant decides how high to rank your website in search results. Depending on how good your website is at these. That makes content development the most important and affordable seo tactic there is.

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