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The best known of these tools is certainly . From the keywords that interest you the most, will offer you new articles relating to your watch. Content monitoring and curation sharing with the tool Similarl. and diigo are other tools you can use for information sharing. If you want to carry out a share watch between several collaborators. Then the Stample tool seems to be the most judicious. It allows you to collect, edit and share information as part of a collaborative watch. The elCurator collaborative monitoring platform follows this same credo. 3 Optimize social media feeds A watch can very well be done on social networks, in particular, on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Monitor your e-reputation.

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If you want to monitor the reputation of your company, you can check for yourself what is said about you on each of the social networks (using hashtags in particular). Otherwise, tools take care of it for you, such as Talkwalker or KeyHole (for Twitter and Instagram). Create engagement on interesting content: In a context of content monitoring and curation, definitely returns an Brazil Phone Number List investment is the use of. Brand you can direct and optimize your news feed. Most social media algorithms take into account your engagement on them. posts, the more future posts will show up in your News Feed. Customize your newsfee: On Twitter, you can create lists to manage all your subscriptions and thus filter the tweets in your timeline. Similarly on Facebook, you can categorize your friends. But Facebook doesn’t just look at your engagement and friend lists anymore. The algorithm now integrates the time spent on a publication and even your preferences.

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Now you can choose what you prefer to appear in your News Feed. Finally, Facebook would consider creating different news feeds automatically classifie under several themes (eg sport, news, etc.). Choosing Your Facebook News Feed Preferences Facebook News Feed Preferences Create alerts on keywords to watch Your watch can simply be Phone Number MX base on specific keywords that you will monitor. Start by creating alerts on Google . When new results corresponding to your keywords appear on Google, you will be informe immediately by e-mail or via an RSS reader. Note that Talkwalker also offers an alert system. content curation: google alerts There are also dedicate, more effective tools to be notifie in real time of the appearance of a specific keyword on the Internet.

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