How to Test and Fix Email Spoofing Missing Spf Record Vulnerability?

Astra ‘s latest security report shows that 62% of the Magento store has at least one vulnerability .

How do you make sure your Magento store is not exposed to an online security risk?

One of the essential things you need to do is to apply hardening tips to protect from online threats and use cloud-based WAF . But what if you wanted to see the current security posture of your online store? How to know if that does not contain security flaws?

That’s why you need a security scanner to run the test on demand or schedule it. The following are some of the popular scanners that you can use to run on your Magento site.

MageReport is one of the most popular scanners to check Magento website for known security


vulnerabilities for FREE, including the following

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Security patch 9652, 6482, 7405, 6788
Administrator Disclosure
RCE Vulnerability / Web Forms
Visbot Malware
exposed API
brute force attacks
Gurulnc Javascript
And much more …
MageReport not only checks Magento core but also some known 3rd party extensions for vulnerabilities. You can also register with MageReport to receive notification of a new vulnerability found.

SUCURI is not specific to Magento, but it will be useful for testing various website components. Useful for quickly scanning your site against common online threats.

SPAM injected
External scan by Foregeneix test and provide a high level report of the following checks.

Magento Theft
outdated version


Unprotected version control


Cloud Harvester Malware
credit card hijack
XSS, RSS attack
secret leaks
Administrator takeover/disclosure
The test report is displayed on the screen and is also sent to your email address in PDF format.

Security Patch Tester
Patch Tester is specially designed to China Phone Number help if your Magento store is vulnerable to any latest security risks.

If you’re just looking to check for the security patch, this would be a quick and useful tool.

Mage Scan
Wizard Scan is not an online scanner; instead, you must install it on your server. If you are looking to test Magento intranet site then Mage Scan would be a good choice.

Magento Security Scan
A Magento Commerce security scanner tool.

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