How to quickly familiarize yourself with the company’s business? (one)

The article is relatively long and is divided into two parts, the first part is mainly about the external environment, and the second part is mainly about the internal environment, mainly the following parts:

  • External: look at the environment, look at the market, look at the industry, look at the timing, look at the competition;
  • Internal: Look at the business, look at the user, look at the product, look at the team, look at the culture.

Next we start the body part.

First, look at the environment

This part is actually related to the macro background. I will not expand it in detail. I will be lazy to carry an answer. There are mainly the following parts:

P: Political factors, is it a public facility industry? Is it strictly controlled by policy and monitoring? such as real estate

E: Economic factors, which economic factors have affected the development of this industry? as luxury

S: How much influence do social factors, social customs and open-mindedness have on this industry? such as medical beauty

T: Technological factors, how does technology affect the industry? such as mobile phone

E: How do environmental factors, environmental protection policies and environmental protection concepts affect the development of the industry? such as new energy vehicles

L: Legal factors, the impact of the promulgation of certain laws and regulations on the industry, such as the advertising law affecting self-media, etc.

——Transport self-knowing answerer K Xiao K fried base

Most of these are black swan events with low probability but significant impact. We need to understand the possibility of these events and how we should deal with the impact, such as the recent Internet antitrust incident.

2. Look at the market

This part is mainly to understand the current business, and even how big the company is in the market, which is a very important premise.

After all, even if the market share of 10 billion yuan is 90%, it is only 9 billion yuan, and even if the market share of trillion-level market is only 1%, it has a scale of 10 billion yuan.

In fact, this part mainly depends on the market size, market growth rate, and whether it is a stock market or an incremental market.

The market scale mainly refers to the scale of users and the scale of revenue, which can be found in third-party reports. For example, the following figure shows the scale of users in the short video industry:

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