How to Get Your Book Spain Phone Number Published: Top Secrets for New Authors

Spain Phone NumberFiguring out how to get a book published Spain Phone Number can seem almost as daunting as writing your entire book. But your topic and chapter drafts are within your control — as soon as you need to find a publisher for your first book, you might not know where to start.

If you feel overwhelmed at this stage, you’re not alone. It’s helpful to think of the process of publishing a book as a project that’s similar to any content project plan. You can give yourself multiple deadlines to stay on track, and work on individual tasks while remaining focused on your big goal.

It’s also helpful to always keep in mind why you wanted to write your book in the first place.

Seth Godin has stated that the reason to write a book versus a blog post, ebook, or PDF is to “make change happen.”

Yes, the Emperor of Content Marketing, Godin, has published books for years.

Not just ebooks, but, real dead-tree printed books with covers.

He says the reason he wrote Linchpin is because:

“If you want to change people, you must create enough leverage to encourage the change to happen.”

A book gives you that kind of leverage.

Books change lives

Celebrities usually write books to “set the record straight” or explain the twisted story of their rise to stardom. They can’t do that with a magazine article or tweet. Changing a reader’s opinion requires space.

A tweet doesn’t often change someone’s life. But books can and do — all the time.

I’ve written my books to help Spain Phone Number people, and as a result, I’ve received countless emails from readers thanking me for the information. In a small way, my books have changed people’s lives.

They’ve also changed my life.

A book is something tangible you can point to as a repository of your knowledge, whether they’re self-published or traditionally published. Unlike a series of blog posts, a book is organized and works as a cohesive unit. People take books more seriously than almost any other form of writing.

Being a book author gives you a level of credibility like almost nothing else.

Let’s face it, saying you’re a book author has a lot more cachet than saying you’re a blogger.

Where’s your book?

If you’re reading Copyblogger, you’re undoubtedly a writer, content marketer, or some other type of wizard of words.

You’re a writer. Why haven’t you written a book?

Maybe the idea of how to find a publisher is too big and scary. I’m living proof that it’s not as hard as you might think to face those fears, move forward, and get your book out into the world.

7 book publishing facts you’ll wish you learned sooner

Here are seven secrets that are especially relevant when it comes to publishing for new authors.

1. You don’t have to accept rejection

Many people never write their Great American Novel because they think someone might not like it.

We writers are sensitive souls and fear of rejection is real. The secret is: you don’t have to accept rejection.

Have you ever heard of Mark Victor Hansen?

He’s one of the guys who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul — a book that has made millions of dollars and spawned countless spin-off products. Yet, that book was rejected 140 times. Mark believed in his book, refused to accept the rejections, and kept going.

Another secret is that rejection often has nothing to do with the quality of your book or your ideas.

Many rejections relate to a publisher’s business decisions and have nothing to do with you or your writing at all.

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