How do designers do competitive Benin WhatsApp Number List analysis (Xiaohongshu publishing function as an example)

Only from the designer’s point of view to talk Benin WhatsApp Number List about the analysis of competing products, in the vernacular, welcome to communicate with the seniors (friendly)~

Understanding Competitive Analysis:

Competitive product analysis, I think it may be a bit broader than methodology, and more like a big framework. It is guided by “specific purposes”, and presents different forms due to different purposes, and there is no so-called standard formula.

Just imagine, what things (including people) can’t do competitive analysis? Is it not.

Competitive product analysis is mainly analysis, so what are designers (mainly referring to interaction) analyzing their daily competitive product analysis?

We are dealing with functions all the time, so Benin WhatsApp Number List we analyze the , not any strategic layer, scope layer…

Since the analysis is functional logic, we must first have a clear definition of “function”: function is the concrete manifestation of requirements (business and users).

So what the heck is competitive product analysis? One sentence explanation is: Competitive product analysis is a process of inferring its original needs (business and users) through functional expressions and thinking about its applicability.

Have you discovered that this is actually a process of

And what we usually say from demand to function landing is just the opposite, it is a process of p

Understand what is a competitive analysis, then how to do it?

 Clear purpose

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No matter what you do, you must have a clear purpose. The purpose is not clear. In the end, it will be big and comprehensive. If you don’t focus, you will get a bunch of superficial things and won’t solve the problem.

Let’s take the Xiaohongshu publishing function as an example:

PM put forward a requirement, saying to “optimize the publishing function of Xiaohongshu to improve the efficiency of note publishing” (this requirement does not need to think too deeply about the purpose behind the analysis, for Xiaohongshu, the purpose is already very clear) .

So assuming that we now know the business, users and release function of the product of Xiaohongshu, what should we do? What can be done to improve publishing efficiency? I don’t know, there is no way to start. Doing user research? The cost is too high, the time is too long, and the survey results are unpredictable.

At this time, the most appropriate method seems to be competitive product analysis. I want to know

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