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The first impression refers to some of the first psychological perceptions of a person who meets for the first time. It is a very important starting point or Poland Phone Number foundation in interpersonal communication. If the first impression is good, you can continue to communicate in the future. Because the first impression is not easy to change, it may hinder interpersonal attraction. .

– from Cihai

What is the product itself?

  1. What is the difference in the commercial value of different types of B-end products?
  2. And how to layer and manage users on the product side?

So how can we as designers understand these issues? Then we will explain them step by step.

1. How to describe a B-end product – what is the product itself?

In projects, we often encounter such scenarios:

  1. Copy from this site
  2. It’s a fake demand
  3. The boss says……
  4. Competitors do the same…
  5. This module wants to highlight…
  6. other etc.

The root cause of this type of scenario is that the product or the designer does not know the positioning of the product, which often leads to not knowing how to make decisions. So what are we going to do with this scenario?

First, we want to confirm the first impression we have left on the user, and then confirm the product value and delivery method.

Finally, combine the first impression and product value to define what the B-end product itself is.

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Take WeChat as an example: the first thing everyone thinks about WeChat is the instant messaging function. The reason comes from 2 points:

  1. TAB column and real-time communication mainly – communication list and address book
  2. Under the insistence of Zhang Xiaolong, the positioning of WeChat has not been modified, and the original intention of timely communication has been retained.

I just talked about the C side, now switch to the B side. Let’s discuss what is the essence of B-end products?

Everyone has their own definitions and ideas about the nature of B-end products.


Then my next definition of what I think is the essence of B-end products: based on real business scenarios, extracting Internet solutions.

There are two points to pay attention to here:

①It is impossible to meet all types of customers of all sizes – especially the customized needs of F customers

It is impossible to meet all the needs of the target customers – a B-end product cannot meet all the functions of the hospital: such as the diagnosis and treatment system and the canteen system.

How is the general good B-end product positioning determined?

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