How Data Analysts Can Colombia WhatsApp Number List Improve Productivity

As ordinary people, we can’t help but sigh: The Colombia WhatsApp Number List boss is really excellent. In fact, in addition to emotion, we can also try to manage time well, improve our efficiency, and slowly get closer to the big guys.

As analysts, our daily work status may be meeting + fetching data + writing reports. If you are an analyst who connects with the business, you may spend most of your time fetching data. How to improve work efficiency?

 Task sorting and prioritization planning

Take out a piece of paper and list a few major things you will do this month. Break it down to what you will do this week, and what you will do that day Colombia WhatsApp Number List write on it. You can use paper notebooks (personally prefer to use paper and pen to record, you can record and add at any time), or online notepad, Evernote and other tools, which are conducive to task management. After sorting out the tasks, prioritize the tasks: important and urgent, important not urgent, urgent not important, not urgent and not important.

The first quadrant is important and urgent. 20% of the time, it needs to be done immediately. For example, the boss suddenly asks you to dismantle a certain change, and you are in a hurry, or an analysis report to be submitte immeiately on the same day. Such deadlines are very urgent. But many times important and urgent things come from the delay of important and not urgent things, which means that this pressure is imposed on ourselves by ourselves. If more than 50% of the important and urgent things are on the day, then the whole person will be in a very tense state, and it will be fine in the short term, but in the long term it is easy to fall into a state of collapse.

Focus on completing each task list efficiently

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Assuming that the things on the task list are already requirements that cannot be cut, and we have prioritize them, then start to focus on

It should be note here that if some tasks are relatively large projects that take several days to complete, you can try to break down the large tasks into subtasks one by one.

For example, to do an industry research on the crayfish category, we will divide it into these steps:

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