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Don’t forget that in Reusing content However, you need to understand which formats work best, and how your audiences differ depending on the platform. Take the example of Casper, a sleep products company. On Instagram, they share authentic user-made content , professional photos showcasing their products, beautiful sleep-themed images, and fun yet informative TikTok videos . They don’t have a TikTok account, but collaborate with TikTok users who create original and engaging content for them. These content creators post video 2021, 70% of users bought a brand’s product after seeing a YouTube video advertising it. 4. Don’t: Ignore Video Content Trends.

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Video has been dominating social platforms for years and it Afghanistan Phone Number List will continue to do so. It’s not a question of whether you should create one, the question is how you should do it. Long-form video loses its relevance and appeal due to the overwhelming presence of short footage. Don’t waste your resources on something that doesn’t work very well anymore. Best Practice: Creating Relevant Video Content Watch what’s happening with TikTok, Instagram reels , Snapchat, Facebook stories and YouTube short videos. The short video format is everywhere. Now is the time to find the most appropriate way to represent your brand in this particular format. That’s not to say you should immediately open a TikTok account, even though they hit 1 billion monthly active users in September.

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But we recommend that you choose platforms Phone Number MX and formats that suit you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to film everything yourself, because high-quality videos are available on media banks, especially with Depositphotos Video . You can also give your clips more atmosphere by adding music or sound effects to them through Depositphotos Music . 5. Don’t: Talk about every major event or topic Every day sees at least one celebration or crisis of some kind occur. Usually both at the same time. You might think you have to comment on everything that passes and catches the eye, but that’s unrealistic and unreasonable. Don’t be on the lookout for every news, party, or meme.

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