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Over time to demonstrate his professionalism. Monetization will happen naturally through proposals, partnerships etc if the perseverance is there. Another crucial point through all this: the work and the time to devote to it. To make a living from it, it is not uncommon to see bloggers working 10/12 hours a day . In addition to activity, it is quite variable: it can be 1 to 2 hours a day. Attention ! You don’t become a pro blogger by following training courses where it’s a question of setting up a blog in 5 minutes, and earning €30.00 from the first month of its online publication that doesn’t exist.

That The Majority Of Them Are Not Looking

Becoming a pro blogger means being passionate Switzerland Phone Number List about going to the end of your project above all . Constancy, perseverance and of course professionalism in the sense of “know-how”, will always end up paying off. Forget the dream salespeople who only make their money on people’s naivety. Sometimes comes from professional blogging, the fact of wanting to gain influence, but how can you become an influencer? This is a current and rdundant question in these times when influencer marketing continues to grow among brands. A brand that needs the influencer today to boost its visibility and sales. What does the journey of a professional blogger represent.

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To Earn Money Immediately With Their Blog

If we consider all the work from the Phone Number MX creation of the blog to its monetization, we can set the achievement of its objective in an average of a year 1/2 to 2 years, rarely less except in the case of ‘a well-crafte collaborative project or more depending on the topics covere and the time spent. This does not mean that the blogger will live off it at this stage, but that he will still earn a substantial income. The pro blogger will therefore have to devote a lot of time to it beforehand. Producing content.

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