The Pure SEO Guide to Algeria Phone Number Internal Linking

Internal linking is a simple yet effective element of any successful SEO strategy. Google can navigate and contextualise your website more effectively if it has a wealth of links to help it move from each page to others. Internal linking empowers easier navigation for your users and asserts your most important pages to search engines.

Algeria Phone NumberRead our internal linking guide below to gain a better understanding of how it can benefit your website.

What is an Internal Link?

Internal links are hyperlinks from one Algeria Phone Number page on your site that direct users to another page on your site. These include any links on the page, from menu items in the navigation bar to hyperlinks in the page content.

Unlike external links, which direct users to webpages on other domains, internal links help users navigate your website and reinforce your site architecture. Learn more about external Algeria Phone Number linking from our Ultimate Guide to Backlinks.

Internal links primarily fit into two categories:

Navigational Links

Navigational links are for people who already know where they’re trying to go within your website. These are most commonly menu items in your header or footer but may also include breadcrumbs or button links to subcategories on a category page.

Contextual Links

Contextual links are usually hyperlinks, featured in body content, that link to pages a user might find relevant or interesting, relating to the content they’re currently reading. These turn up commonly in blog posts, but you can implement them in the body content of any page on a website.

How Internal Linking Affects Your SEO

Internal linking is part of your ‘on-page’ SEO strategy, used to help your site communicate with search engines. Google’s bots—sometimes called ‘spiders’—crawl the web constantly to find and index pages for search results. These bots follow links from page to page, to better understand the relationship between pages and distribute link value.

Guest posting on an external blog that already has a steady following will naturally attract more visitors to your own blog. Especially if you’re consistent with your offsite efforts. It also has a positive seo effect if you include a backlink within the body of your content. 3. Invite guest posters. Guest posting isn’t a one-way strategy.

Pages at or near the top of this hierarchy will have more muscle to compete for search engine rankings. That’s because Google’s bots read the anchor text of links as they follow them, building an association between a page and the keywords used to link to it. Pages that receive more internal links will benefit from a stronger association.

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