Google vs. Facebook Israel Phone Number Marketing: Which Should You Use?

The blogging community has yet Israel Phone Number to reach its saturation point. And there’s much you can do to increase your piece of the action. If you need help in setting up an seo blog for your business. Let’s talk. And we’ll show you some great strategies that will help you get right in front of your target audience. Foreign or international seo refers to the method of optimizing your website and search presence for a global audience. It helps display your website to searchers from different countries. Let’s explore the differences between Google & Facebook marketing, and discuss how both can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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Needs vs. Wants

The main differences between these Israel Phone Number two giants can be summed up by one comparison: needs versus wants. Google caters to needs by responding to searches that the user has decided to make themselves. Facebook caters to wants by putting your brand in front of an audience who may want your product or service.

This simple difference demands that advertisers approach each platform uniquely, and think carefully about ad messaging, ad targeting, ad placements, and return on investment.

Both platforms can be used to engage a user with an ad or post that will then redirect them to your website, but why they choose to click on your ad is dependent on how you can cater to their needs or wants. For help on how to create more effective ads, check out one of our older blog posts, the Ad Creation Cheat Sheet.


Conversion Rates

Depending on your industry, you will find substantial differences in the conversion rates for both platforms. Google, in my experience, provides better conversion rates. Why? It’s likely due to the intent behind the searches conducted. For example, if I search “plumbers near me”, I am most likely looking for a plumber right now! This means that the ads and search results that I interact with have a high probability of getting my business.

On Facebook, I may see a plumber advertising their business, but probably don’t need their services at that exact moment. If you’re looking for an immediate return on investment, Google may be a better option.

On the other hand, brand recognition is a huge advantage in any market. Customers are more likely to choose a company they are familiar with over competitors, and may even specifically search for them, whether thought Facebook or Google. Brand familiarity helps create credibility, which is a powerful tool for driving conversions, and Facebook is an excellent way to boost your brand familiarity. This means that the strategy on one platform can and will tie into the other.


Online Conversions, Impulse Purchases, & Retargeting

How often have you made a purchase after seeing the product only once? We can all claim to not be impulsive by nature, but Facebook’s ad delivery can be a very persuasive tool to promote these impulses.

Using Facebook’s powerful targeting metrics, you can get your product in front of a very specific audience. Via sponsored post or a website ad, you can direct users to your website, after which you can retarget that same audience, reminding them to finish the purchase later. Earlier this year, Facebook altered the way this works, changing the scope of some of their targeting options. This is why it pays to have an expert in social on your side who is up to date with current online marketing movements.

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