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They are secure (HTTPS protocol) A large-screen, immersive experience, similar to native apps. Progressive Web App Display mode Source: Stéphanie Walter’s blog 5 good reasons to switch to Progressive Web Apps. Less expensive development Developing and maintaining. APWA is much less expensive compare to a native application. The latter involves additional costs relatd to the different versions that must be develope to be compatible with the various operating systems. In addition, it is also less restrictive because we are free from the installation procedures establishe by the stores, but also from the subscription that we owe them each month to appear in their catalog. 2 An SEO-friendly app PWAs are accessible via a browser and therefore have a URL.

Always update in real time

Therefore each page of the application is indexed in search engines. A secure app Thanks to the HTTPS protocol, PWAs have the same levels of security as a native application. They are therefore very relevant in an e-commerce context. and payment information is will no longer Hungary Phone Number List allow users to tag guaranteed. A reliable app Thanks to Services Workers, the app i with each page load, without the user noticing and having to intervene. A native app would, on the contrary, require manual intervention by the user. Service Workers also provide offline functionality. 5 An engaging app By using Push notifications, you will be able to inform and retain your users, or, for example, relaunch them when a cart is abandoned. Notifications appear even if the user is no longer on the browser.

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The protection of personal data

However be smart when sending the first notification, this generates an almost definitive access request to the user. Don’t miss it. progressive push-notification web apps Source: Stéphanie Walter’s blog Finally, the icon (favicon) that is installed on the user’s home Phone Number MX screen, like a native app, further encourages re-engagement. progressive web apps-favicon-homescreen Why should you seriously consider Progressive Web Apps? A Mobile First approach Developing a Progressive Web App is part of a Mobile First approach. PWAs and the Mobile First approach have a common base: progressive improvement.

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