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You realize you can think deeper. So you ask yourself. “who is my target market? How can i customize this to fit them?” now. What you think is the confusing scavenger hunt that leads to doom. Is just a think game. Planning pitfalls before customizing. You must consider the scalability of your niche. After all. Amazon was built for growth. Can your product vary? Does your niche have room for multiple products? Because launching 10 different products. Each unique in its niche. Was tedious and difficult to scale. Pro tip: amazon appreciates sellers who work in one niche of a specific product (you can of course open another category and use various products in it).

Sharpening strategies let’s go back to product research. You found the correct title. You found a product with few reviews and enough revenue. But can you dig deeper? The answer is always “yes”. Frankly. You can dig into the market down to the tiniest grain of sand. However. There’s a good chance that you’re going to overdrive your gears and go into the wrong canal. With our help came a fantastic tool called “cerebro” which allows sellers France phone number to run the asin of any amazon product to see its keyword analysis. The filter of choice today is “match type” and under its drop down arrow we will select “sponsorship”.

Storing Your Own Products

When you run each asin individually with this filter enabled. The keywords that appear will be so unexpectedly… Sponsored. The idea is that you’ll find products that sellers spend a lot of money advertising on keywords that end up on the first page. Top pageviews. And high or mid-ranking keywords. But if the same product doesn’t gain enough visibility with organic keywords. Then the relationship isn’t a good thing. This will be your metric to investigate your competitors and whether the product is selling for its quality and customization. Or because the seller is trying to win the market with technical tactics like price point. Future fights if you didn’t catch it in the last paragraph.

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You don’t want to choose a product with a lot of sponsored keywords that won’t gain any visibility with organic keywords. The way amazon ppc activity. Rankings. And visibility work is – if your product frequently appears on page 1 with the most sponsored keywords. Often the same keywords will naturally appear on page 1. Alas. You can’t close your ppc activity when you’re naturally on page 1. Or you’ll immediately drop into position. C’est la vie of amazon’s algorithm. Good news? You know it before you dive headfirst into a puddle.

Fulfillment by Amazon (Fba)

If you include both sponsored and organic keywords on page 1. Your aco will go down while your sales go up. Such knowledge is the real power! After using just two helium 10 tools. You’ve saved a ton of money and sleepless nights. Now that you know what not to choose. It’s easier to figure out what you can choose from. Going back to sellers of low-review-high-revenue products – what else are they selling under the same parameters? Remember. If you’ve successfully sold about 10 products on amazon. Each with more than 500 reviews. All other products you launch are automatically guaranteed to sell in bulk. Amazon wants to see new products from sellers.

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