From the interviewer’s perspective Belgium WhatsApp Number List how to write a product manager resume?

For the interviewer, the recruitment of Belgium WhatsApp Number List personnel is no less intense than normal work, and the fault tolerance rate of this matter is extremely low. A failed recruitment is a devastating blow to the credibility of the interviewer. Therefore, I hope that job seekers can have empathy and look at job recruitment from the perspective of the interviewer.

Against this serious background, I’m here to talk to you about these things about writing a resume. I hope this article can clarify the ins and outs of your resume.


 How is a product manager HC (Headcount) generated?

There are generally 3 situations that will generate enrollment needs


The first is business expansion, which is based Belgium WhatsApp Number List on the expansion of the original business. Generally, KPIs are relatively certain, stable and safe.

The second is new business. Big companies are old trees and new flowers, and small companies are fighting back against the odds, with high risks and challenges. There is very little chance of transfer.

The third is the resignation bench, and the resignation bench in March and April is relatively normal. With the passage of time, there is a greater chance of pitfalls in the generation of resignation substitutes. For example, if the resignation substitute in September, the resigner must have given up the year-end bonus for one year. Either there is none at all, or the KPI cannot be reached or obtained, so simply find another home in advance.

Based on these three situations, the employing department decided that I would hire a product manager.

 The employing department determines competency requirements.

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The hiring department is actually looking for someone to complete the KPi with the results. This KPi determines the HC’s ability profile, which is also the basis for writing the JD.

The basic principle is to determine people according to the situation. For example, the ability requirement of the back-end product manager is to be able to do the business back-office and support the business, and the ability requirement of the growth product manager is to pull new, transform, and perform.

Product manager title, usually without people. Senior product manager, there is a chance that he will lead people. If the employing department determines that the HC needs to bring someone, the JD will usually make it clear.

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