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Our brand will allow us to understand their purchasing method and their behavior on and off the internet. 3. If Instagram works for you, try to offer fresh content In case Instagram is the main or one of the main channels of acquisition of your clients, we recommend you to keep your profile active with fresh content. For the profile: Use a profile photo. Add a description that makes your brand known in an entertaining and concise way.

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Not to re-publish old content , since a feed with Kuwait Phone Number repeated images or Instagram Stories that only tell the same thing can generate boredom and trigger a drop in followers. 4. Use all the tools that Instagram gives you to create content In Aloha! We recommend you make use of all the tools that Instagram offers you to add to your posts and Stories . Using them will favor your content before the algorithm and will improve its organic and paid positioning.

If you have a website, add the URL so they can visit it. Add some of the default call to action. For post we recommend: Add location, if available. Use hashtags, without abusing them. Use the collaboration option in case of doing influencer marketing. For Stories we suggest: Apply stickers that go according to your brand, but without abusing them. Use the Music function. Generate interaction through the polls function.

If you have a website online store or blog add links for them to

Kuwait Phone Number

Visit your site. Instagram: an ideal complement to your digital marketing strategy As you can see, there are various advantages of Instagram, and some disadvantages that can be solved with some extra effort. Likewise, we suggest you consider Instagram as another distribution channel for your content, brand, products, and services within a global digital and inbound marketing strategy. Do you want to know more about social networks, marketing, SEO, design and sales. Visit the Aloha blog, where you can learn more about these topics and apply them to your business.

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