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The content found there is limitless and imperishable. To continue our parallel with television, we can compare this content with films, series and documentaries. Two types of content for two types of social networks.As you will have understood, you will have to adopt different strategies depending on your field of expression. What strategy to put in place according to social networks? Be aware that it is mainly the social networks of flows that have been impacted by the drop in s to the app and then Casper teams repost them to their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Many other companies also choose not to have a direct presence on TikTok, but invest in this type of collaboration. casper instagram Source.

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Instagram Casper For Pinterest, Casper has different Albania Phone Number List pages on inspiring themes, here in English: Lazy Sunday, Wake up with a view, Make your bedroom bedder. The images you see do not include Casper products, but they are very relevant to their target audience. The strategic idea here is that the public might start looking for lifestyle or design inspiration, and end up buying a Casper mattress. Pinterest Casper Source: Pinterest Casper 2. Don’t: use a playful tone to excess Articles about social media best practices often include examples of outspoken, mean, and sometimes even arrogant marketers. But it’s a slippery slope, and not everyone can play that game.

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Also not all brands need this kind of communication Phone Number MX or can take such a risk. Whenever you want to post a punchline , ask yourself: does it align with our values ​​and brand strategy? Is it respectful? Will it help us achieve our goals? And if you have any doubts, give up. Burger King UK (UK) had one of their biggest social media communication failures of 2021. On International Women’s Day, they posted a tweet (see below), which was removed shortly thereafter. Burger King Source: USA Today As they later explained, the idea was to draw attention “to the fact that only 20% of professional chefs in UK kitchens are women. The intention was good, but the execution was bad and fell flat. It is important to.

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