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Artisanal photography was the art of literally recording light to create lasting images. It therefore require special technical skills. Finally ! so far. Today, the more contemporary technology evolves, the more the question mark grows on the initial idea of ​​sharing and lightweight recording. This became particularly evident with Microsoft ‘s release of the Drawing Bot , which just generates images from captions. Even more interesting, you don’t have to include a lot of details in the description, to get a relevant result. Bird by the Drawing Bot – Microsoft source: Microsoft Blog Some basic information like “yellow body, black wings and short beak” was enough to get the profile of a bird.

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At Microsoft they also say the image will likely Brazil Phone Number List contain details that don’t appear in the caption. It shows that this “Drawing Robot” not only uses artificial intelligence, but also has artificial imagination. 2. Photography without a photographer! Ten years ago, technical skills and a keen eye were a must for pros and amateurs alike. These days, even a newborn with a smartphone can take a decent shot. Apple ‘s iPhone 11 Pro’s AI – enable camera lets you shoot in tricky conditions and doesn’t spend a lot of energy finding the perfect angle. By the time you press the shutter button, the iPhone camera will already capture eight images. All these images will be compare and merge, to obtain the best possible version of the capturd photo. iPhone 11 Source.

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Deposit Photos There is also another Phone Number MX cutting-edge Phone  technology, the Google Clips object, which approaches photography from a totally different perspective. The Google Clips somewhat forgets the role of the photographer. Video Google Clips Reviews Technology allows us to be in the snapshot, to take images and capture living moments at the moment T. It will therefore profoundly transform certain clichés of commercial photography . Using the people detection algorithm, the Google Clips camera analyzes familiar faces and activity in a room. This is to automatically capture.

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