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Absolute terms the work of the ditor will be to position his. Article as close as possible to the first position on the first page of results. Suffice to say that it is a job that then takes on its full meaning if the notion of referencing is well raise. The web ditor is one of the profiles you can count on to write. Optimize content for the web. SEO referrers and/or SEO experts SEO referrers logically have the same skills as the web ditor. However in some cases, they do not write but can of course advise on SEO. Where they have skills beyond the web eitor. For SEOs like SEO experts, it’s on the technical side.

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As a result many know the code and the different Romania Phone Number List aspects that make it possible to position a website well as a whole. SEO referrers and or SEO experts The content is a dynamic element of the site, but the site itself must also meet technical criteria to obtain a good referencing. A poorly code site can penalize well-optimize content, for example. In this case, the writer will generally not have the skills to respond to this problem. He does not know the code and will not be able to put his hands in it or so sparingly according to his skills. The SEO referrer can then be a very complete profile if he has a good pen to write and if in addition he comes from a journalistic or literary course.

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The SEO referrer or SEO Expert is the one who Phone Number MX will know how to optimize your website and your content, so that they are SEO Friendly. bloggers Bloggers are also writers since they write articles and produce content for their support. At this stage there is no nee to study and understand and/or master the techniques of natural referencing. It depends on the goals of the blogger and their blog itself. In absolute terms, a blogger has every interest in being interestd in SEO so that these articles are positione, but is this for him an end? In this case, he would gradually become a web ditor by more or less mastering SEO techniques.

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