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Offers and discounts So during the pandemic. Seasonal marketing campaigns have become more promising. People felt stresse and isolate, due to quarantine and lockdown measures. And shopping gave them positive emotions with a form of assurance. If you combine the joy of a vacation with the desire of customers to shop. You will get ideal conditions for a marketing activity. And whether they are purchases for themselves and/or for their love ones. With a public such as this, generally having a buying intention. The challenge for companies would be to meet consumer expectations. While anticipating their needs and offering them relevant offers. Your checklist for creating a seasonal marketing campaign.

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Start by setting a goal. Study your Bulgaria Phone Number List audience. Explore competitors’ campaigns. Plan ahead. Work with keywords and trends. Propose a solution to a problem. Consider your message and design. Your checklist for creating a seasonal marketing campaign Source: DepositPhotos Popular holiday & celebration marketing formats: Useful content. It can be recipes for New Year’s Eve, a video tutorial on how to create a bright look for Halloween or tips for spending the holiday in an unusual way. Contests and challenges. The easiest way to engage users in seasonal campaigns is to invite them to share theme content. You can also add a competitive spirit by awarding a prize to the winner.

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Temporary reductions Deliver Phone Number MX event-driven, time-limite promotions that motivate your audience to make quick decisions. Thematic projects. If you have enough resources, launch a creative holiday campaign. It can be, for example, an interactive Advent calendar allowing users to find gifts or useful tips for the end of the year celebrations. Holidays and highlights of this season October 21 Halloween November 26 Black Friday November Cyber ​​Monday You should also start planning your Christmas campaign in the fall. The goal is to have enough time for its planning and implementation. Holidays and highlights of.

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