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KFC is taking the opportunity to also celebrate the “wingmen” and “wingwomen”, by offering to the one with the most votes, a year of unlimite chicken wings. Lush, for all For this Valentine’s Day, Lush chooses to highlight couples of the same gender, while rightly recalling that its products are made to be share .A charming and light campaign, under the sign of respect and sharing, and highlighte on all social networks. Give roses with Disney On Twitter this time, it is possible to send a virtual card to your Valentine or your Valentine, via the hashtag UneRosePour.

It is however important to know

The promotion of its film Beauty and the Beast which comes out in March, Disney is joining forces with Interflora to offer real bouquets, and virtual organically and Ivory Coast Phone Number List independently roses. A good idea for a campaign to promote a love film to lovers!On February 7, our CEO Romain Prat participate in ECN Talks , an event organize by the specialize site E-Commerce Nation , bringing together digital professionals and e-commerce players in search of innovation. The subject of the first edition: Social Commerce, or how to boost your business through social networks.

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The subject of our intervention

Romain Prat was therefore invite to talk about the activity of Powertrafic, and to provide his expertise on the very fashionable subject of social ads. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn bring together millions of users of all profiles, offering almost infinite visibility and targeting possibilities for businesses. Increasingly use by e-commerce sites how Phone Number MX to master them to reach your target This was , and we have summarize it for you so as not to miss a beat. And to see (and review) the entire video filme live, it’s over here ! Grow your business and sales through social media The initiative of e-retailers to advertise on social networks responds to issues of brand visibility and awareness of its products.

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