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The difference is that thanks to social ads, the content is less intrusive and integrates into the user’s news feed, while encouraging them to return to the site to complete their purchase, or by offering them other products related to its research grant. Objective n°3: Build customer loyalty & animate the community The objectives of a loyalty campaign, via a campaign of clicks, commitments or even video views, are to renew its turnover thanks to its current customers, while animating and energizing its community of fans. In particular by to them, and by publicizing its content: the active community will react and thus broaden the visibility of this promotion.

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A good way to engage your fans is to get them toAs we know, social networks have become powerful levers for generating leads , but also for qualifying them as prospects. Associated with inbound marketing techniques, the social network proves to be a notable Israel Phone Number List viral marketing moves in recent years  very useful tool in a company’s digital marketing strategy. It makes it possible to attract visitors, convert them into leads, then into qualified prospects thanks to “call-to-action” and relevant content.  than another social network? Social networks have understood the interest they could arouse among companies. They have thus developed advertising networks to enable professionals to take advantage of their tools.

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However not all social networks are created equal. You have to ask yourself the right questions to determine which social network to choose: What is your objective? What target do you want to aim for? How and at what cost? LinkedIn, the social network for Phone Number MX professionals Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a professional social network that has continued to grow ever since. members-linkedin-france Internet Journal In the third quarter of 2016, there were 467 million members worldwide and 106 million unique visitors per month. In France, the number of members jumped by 450% between 2011 and 2016.

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