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Search for certain keywords for which you want your business profile to be found locally. Then see which competitors outperform you in Google Maps and/or Google Local Pack. Apparently they have their affairs in order somewhere better than you, because they are shown above you. To find out what that is, click on their company profile and activate the GMBspy extension. You will then see all selected categories of this competitor and you can also test this on your Company Profile.


2. Make yourself visible in the service areas where 

In order to be found with your Business Profile on Google, it is very important that you are relevant to the person who does the search. Relevant not only means that your business must match the search (if someone is looking for a shoe store, you must of course sell shoes), but also that CIO & CTO Email List you are located in the area where the search is made, or what is being searched for. The closer your business comes to that, the more relevant you are in the eyes of Google. This increases the chance that you will be shown. Google itself says about this:

CIO CTO Email List

you are not yet

In your company profile you can communicate to customers where your company makes deliveries or offers services. You do this under Service area within the Information section. Add as many areas as possible to this. Do you have a store or company located in Amsterdam-Noord, but do you supply products or offer services throughout Amsterdam? Then add multiple areas within Amsterdam.


If you also provide products or services outside of Amsterdam, it is also interesting to be shown in those areas. Then add this as well. As a result, you make your business more relevant in the eyes of Google. Google will now see that you are active here.

ool is very valuable to monitor in which areas you are less visible . This tool displays your current local ranking (Local Pack + Maps) on a selected search query within a chosen area. This way you can see exactly which areas you can add to ensure that you can also be found there more easily.

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