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If you have a successful webshop, a lot of valuable time is lost on logistics. Then it is nice if you can hand it over with peace of mind. That’s what Barbara de Jong of Cutebabykleertjes.nl experienced. When her building was already completely filled with clothing boxes, a fulfillment partner offered a solution.

Thanks to the current fulfillment solutions, the logistics are in order from A to Z. The systems unburden you, save time and give Cutebabykleertjes.nl the space to focus on matters such as purchasing and marketing. With the ultimate goal: growth of the web store.

Make a decision

“I found the last step to fulfillment difficult. I had to let go of good staff. Cancel a property. Pushing so many buttons. But at that time I was so busy with logistics that I couldn’t get any further. We had to invent everything ourselves, while I just wanted to keep going. Improving our service, extending opening hours.”

When Barbara de Jong is on maternity leave for the second time in 2013, it starts to gnaw. She has several university degrees and a good job in the government. But suddenly she doubts whether she wants to go back to her old position. The reorganization at her then employer comes at the right time. She claims a domain name, watches a few tutorials online, buys her first collection and starts a webshop for baby clothes. Cutebabykleertjes.nl is a fact.

Full to the ceiling

Barbara: “E-commerce was far from where it is now. In terms of clothing, you only had a few well-known names. And there was certainly little for baby clothes.” During the first period she still does all the logistics herself. Every day with a bag of packages to the supermarket, pay for all shipping costs yourself. But soon the webshop starts to fly. “We started with some boxes in the stair cupboard and soon they were all over the house. When you opened a closet, clothes fell out. The furniture was put aside, we started using pick bins and sticker systems. We even took the television off the wall to stack bins to the ceiling, and lived in just five square feet. Then I said to my husband John: This is not going to happen anymore.”

Keep up with everything

John has another job at the time, but quickly joins the web shop. They learn everything from the internet. Photography, photoshop and marketing. The webshop is growing so fast that it is difficult to keep up with everything. Barbara: “We rented a building where we had twelve employees. Everything was there: logistics, customer service and marketing. But in no time the space was too small and we were back against the roller door.”

Ultimately Barbara and her husband John opt for fulfillment from PostNL. Not an easy decision, after several bad experiences with other parties. “But PostNL has helped us enormously. They even called in night and weekend shifts to make sure the stock move went smoothly. We now know what a fulfillment party has to meet for us: sufficient staff, fast customer service and a late cut-off time.”

Time for optimization

And that late cut-off time also came. Ordered before 23:59, in most cases means tomorrow at home. Barbara buys the collections herself and PostNL then receives all goods directly from the suppliers. The Sales Directors Email Lists next day the new articles are live in the webshop. Barbara: “Then we start the marketing and social media mill. For the rest I am completely unburdened and because of that I have time for other things. Such as, for example, optimizing the Belgian webshop.”

Sales Directors Managers Email Lists

How does fulfillment work?

A serious fulfillment partner can take care of the complete logistics for an online store. From stock management to picking orders, from packing and applying the labels to shipping and possible returns. And as an e-commerce entrepreneur, do you want to easily offer your products from one central stock on various platforms, such as  Amazon? Then y

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