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Follow us in this little overview of collaborative platforms. How to choose the right tool? Different collaborative solutions It’s not easy to find your way among all the collaboration tools available on the market! We can nevertheless distinguish three categories of tool: Corporate social networks ( CSR ), which are often generalist; Online office suites, some of which include a social and collaborative dimension (Google Apps, Office 365, etc.); Collaborative ChatOps solutions (Slack, Jamespot, TalkSpirit, Microsoft Teams, etc.) which include chatbots , i.e. conversational agents (robots) capable of analyzing and automatically answering a question posed on a instant messaging. The ChatOps Revolution ChatOps centralize and connect collaborators, projects, coordination tools, processes, documents, etc. in one place. By combining collaboration and conversation, these platforms are increasingly popular with professionals. Unlike very general RSEs.

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The advantage of being easy to use and intuitive. Based on a study by Lecko published in January 2016 which analyzes the main tools on the market, we have identified the 7 tools that will help you facilitate communication and collaboration in your company. Recommendation recommendations that followers Armenia Phone Number List can add. Feature on corporate social networks uses-social-networks-company This graph tells us that companies use CSR mainly to pool everyone’s knowledge and know-how (37%), to manage projects (35%) and to help each other (20%). But these criteria may not be yours. So before choosing a particular tool, you must first determine the main elements that you want it to include.

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Here are a few that we think are important: Ergonomics and a successful user experience : these tools are increasingly similar to traditional social networks. more playful and more intuitive. Emojis, hashtags, at signs and other GIFs also have their place in the professional world. Integration of third-party applications : integrate the tools that will be Phone Number MX useful to you in carrying out certain tasks or that will save you productivity and time. (Trello to manage your tasks, Dropbox to share your files, MailChimp to receive alerts and reports following your emailing campaigns, etc.) Videoconferencing : being able to make one-to-one calls or to several interlocutors at the same time is essential. Being able to do it in both audio and video is just as important.

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