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It is also useless to try to contact them directly – as one could do after noticing a new subscriber with an interesting profile – which is however a social selling practice that tends to show its effectiveness! Very poor return on investment It is better to have a smaller but qualified subscriber base than a large and inconsistent one! Not only does investing in buying followers and likes come at a price, but you may never see a return on your investment. These subscribers do not show any interaction with your publications, and therefore do not feed the activity or the discussion on your networks, and even less do not generate traffic to your site, all this in no way helping the rise of your notoriety.

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Their hazardous attribution, you have no chance of turning these fake subscribers into customers. How to build a real base of qualified subscribers? There are other much more productive techniques to generate engagement around your brand and gain notorietyWithout having to inflate your statistics with subscribers without any affinity with your of coffee Kazakhstan Phone Number List with his new name on it. His brand.networks now have an advertising platform, on which it is possible to advertise according to various objectives, including gaining notoriety and generating sales. Whether on Facebook and Instagram or Twitter , all of these platforms have very specific targeting criteria, which allow you to advertise to the right people and gain popularity in no time.

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It is for example possible on Twitter to appear in the Suggestions of subscriptions, with an audience likely to be interested in your brand. Build a relevant and interested community through creative and targeted advertising Sponsored ads allow you to promote your page (among others) to a targeted audience according to their centers of interest,  subscribed, their sector of activity, etc. Platforms that allow you to create ads impactful and in your image (we think in particular of the immersive Facebook Canvas format), to allow you to reach your target and let them know about your page and your activity through traffic acquisition campaigns.

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